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 We are located in East Central Ohio. I have long desired the old time Yellow Creek Bloodline because of their hunt, nose, intelligence and desire. Alamo Creek Kennel is primarily based upon the old Yellow Creek strain. Any outcrosses that have been used are from other lines that have also derived from Yellow Creek, which would make them "distant cousins". Our dogs are medium to medium/fast with great line control and aggressive hunt. For years they have been selectively bred to be and produce gun dogs. I have a small kennel because I truly believe in “quality over quantity”. Throughout the years the old time Yellow Creek strain has been the building block for many kennels and strains. As other bloodlines have come and gone, Yellow Creek has always endured. 

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Mike Oszust

Carrollton, Ohio


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We are proud to have our dogs based on and derived from the Yellow Creek Strain, but there is much more to establishing and sustaining a successful line of dogs then just breeding dogs all with the same "surname". Yellow Creek {like any other bloodline} surnames are meaningless unless the proper Yellow Creek DNA is within the dog. Also, high standards, principals and breeding philosophies, much like the ones L. M. Watson, Dale Sutton, Elmer Gray, Clarence "Fish Creek" Jones, William VanderMaas, Dan Kane, Bob Brown and Frank Reese... just to name a few, had incorporated into their breeding programs. Alamo Creek respect and admire these Houndsman and their hard work. We are not breeding "pedigrees", we are sequencing Yellow Creek DNA in our breedings with a specific plan and purpose in mind. 

 In the video below, Brian Oszust of VA is training his Beagle pup to chase a rabbit. At the time of this video "Joe" is between 15 & 16 weeks old and has just started running. His pedigree is "Yellow Creek" breeding {top & bottom}.



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