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Dog & Hunter's / Trialer's Insurance

Insuring Your Gun Dog - {Nancy Anisfield}
Article about the necessity of health insurance for your hunting dog.

VPI Pet Insurance
Comprehensive Pet Insurance Coverage for Dogs

Pet Care Pet Insurance
Comprehensive Pet Insurance Coverage for Dogs

Sportsmen's Insurance Agency Plan, Inc.
Safeguard your Personal, Kennel, Training Pen and Beagle club's assets in the event of a law suit. Business Owner's Policy/Trainers Policy Kennel insurance.

AKC Pet Healthcare
Comprehensive Pet Insurance Coverage for Dogs

Dog and Kennel Supplies

Vet-Vax, Inc.
We have vaccines, vitamins & supplements, dewormers, coon hunting lights, hunting dog equipment, antibiotics, wound treatments, flea and tick repellents, eye and ear care, foot care, grooming supplies, dog toys, cat toys, collars and leashes, disinfectants, deterrents, kennels and cages.

Bill Boatman & Company, Inc.
Bill Boatman & Company, Inc., a family owned and operated business, has been serving the dog hunter's needs for more than 56 years.

Eisenhut Dog and Kennel Supplies
Eisenhut Dog and Kennel Supplies Sell Owens Dog Boxes-Diamond Plated Dog Boxes Electronic Hound Hunting E-collar Supplies -Wildlife Materials Hunting Lights, Sport Dog, PetSafe, Tri-Tronics, Dogtra, Tracker, Innotek, Smart Dog, PVC Wire Coated Kennel Fencing, and Rabbit Hunting Beagles.

Happy Jack
Happy Jack, Inc - is committed to bringing you great items to treat your pets and keep them healthy.

Briarbuster Outdoor Apparel

Sacandaga Dog Supply
This website is dedicated to supplying the needs of the hunter and his hounds.

Pedigree Services & Online Pedigree Creators

Online Pedigree Creator
On this site you can create your own pedigrees or you can search and view the saved pedigrees of others.

Mileens Dog Pedigree Service
We do pedigree research for all dog, registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Paw Village .com
Search our continually growing database to research your dogs. Help build an open pedigree database for your favorite breed. Showcase your dogs with their own personalized pages.

World Pedigrees
World Pedigrees is dedicated to making pedigree data freely available for dogs all over the world.

AKC Dog Pedigrees
An AKC Pedigree is a printed or electronic document that displays the lineage of an AKC dog and important information about the ancestors in a dog's family tree.


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